Department of English
  1. The Department aims at building the confidence in the student coming from rural area.
  2. Our mission is to prepare the student for various demands of life including job opportunity.
  3. We emphasize the need of functional English.
  4. Department aims at all round personality development of student.
  5. Our mission is to inculcate English atmosphere among the students.
  6. We make the students aware of Competitive Exams.

Asst. Prof. S. M. Shaikh

Head of Department

Department of Hindi
  1. To create National Spirit in the students with the help of Hindi Language.
  2. To develop practical knowledge ofHindi Language.
  3. To help the students understand National Tradition with the help of Hindi Literature.

Dr. B. D. Powar

Head of Department

Department of Marathi

Aims :

  1. Introduction to Marathi Language & Literature.
  2. Study of Marathi Language and Linguistics.
  3. The review of ancient & modern Marathi Literature.
  4. Nurturing reading & writing skills.
Dr. G. P. Mali

Dr. G. P. Mali

Head of Department

Department of Sociology

Aim : Students must understand human society and network of relation to learn and behave gentle in which he lives.

  1. To study the basic features of Indian Society & culture as distinct other society & culture.
  2. To bring awareness about the structure & evolution of Indian Society.
  3. Students must know the system,behavior & network of social relations in all types of human society.
  4. To make students about Indian social problems, tribal society or social lif, tribal social change, problems and solutions.

Dr. A. V. Paudmal

Head of Department

Department of Economics

Vision: To make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives.

  1. To arrangefor periodic assessment and accrediatation of institution of higher education or units there of or specificacademic programmes or projects.
  2. To stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching.
  3. Learning and research in higher education institutions.
  4. To encourage self-evalution, accountabili8ty, autonomy and innovations in higher education.
  5. To undertake quality related research studies, consultancy and training programmes.
  6. to collaborate with other stakeholders ofhigher education ofquality evalution.
  7. Promotion and sustenance.

Asst. Prof. R. S. Damugade

Head of Department

Department of History
  1. To create the interest about the historical events.
  2. To strengthen confidence among the students in the new era of globalization by imparting the best commerce education.
  3. To inculcate habit of worshipping national heritage and historical movements.
Asst. Prof. Chakradhari

Prof. P. S. Chakradhari

Head of Department

Department of Geography

Aim : Student must understand nature geography and network relation to learn and awareness environmental.

  1. Develop a scientific attitude among the student with various geographical activities like research report, tour reports, village survey, ground survey & various mathematical calculation studied in statistics.
  2. A study of geographical activities.
  3. A study the basic problems of environmental.
  4. A lecture on current topic will be arranged for the student and subject relation development.

Asst. Prof. Jyotsna Shivankar

Head of Department

Department of Political Science

Aim : The study of political science is to inculcate knowledge of the state, its origin, nature structure and function. Knowledge about the state is of great significance to modern man.

  1. Students will be able to discuss a broad array of concepts related to government and politics.
  2. Students will able to accurately define, evaluate, and critique the basic principles (e.g. liberty, equality, rights) inherent within our political / philosophical framework of democracy.
  3. Students will be able to describe and explain the function of various institutions of governments.
  4. Students will be able to contrast democracy with competing political systems.

Asst. Prof. A. D. Mude

Head of Department

Department of Commerce

Aim :

  1. To enable the students to acquire all the knowledge and skill in the field of Commerce.
  2. To strengthen confidence among the students in the new era of globalization by imparting the best commerce education.
  3. To mould rural students and students of the small town for facing the emerging challenges in the field of commerce.
  4. To develop basic skills among the students to build their professional career.
  5. To provide skilled human resource to the society in the field of commerce and industry.
  6. To provide skilled youth to work in the field of industry.
  7. To build the confidence and encourage to students to open their own businesses then to run after the job.
  8. To make the students aware of new changes and new skills required in the field of job.

Major. V. K. Tivatane

Head of Department